Rhinestone applicator

rhinestone applicator

Rhinestone applicator

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Color: Pink
Voltage: 110V
Material: Plastic + Metal
Tip Size: 7mm,5mm,4mm,3mm,2mm, 9mm(Big flat head), 5mm(Small flat head)
✔ ON/OFF switch on the handle
✔ Complete kit to finish your diy projects
✔ Easy to use, widely used for beginners
✔ Handy operation with the ac power supply
① How to use:
1. Select the tips according to the size of the Rhinestones, preheat for 2 minutes, place the Rhinestones in the place where you want to hot, and press the hot tip on the front of the Rhinestones.
2. About 10-15 seconds, the backing of the rhinestones begins to melt. Fix the Hot-fix pen face down in the predetermined position
3. If the Hot-fix pen is not easy to fix at the predetermined position, use a small tweezers, gently press from the side groove and remove the Hot-fix pen, and the rhinestones will be fixed.
② How to use:
1. Place the rhinestones in the appropriate position, replace it with a suitable hot tips, after 10-15 seconds of flat pressing, the backing glue of the rhinestones can be removed by melting light and the ironing pen can be finished.
2. Please try a few hot samples before batch operation, in order to find out the feel, predominate the method and time needed.
Instruction is not included. Any questions, please contact us immediately for solution.

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CXS 92/98, CSM 104, INT 116, CME 128, CLA 140, AXS 152, ASM 164/34, AME 36, ALA 38, AXL 40, AXXL 42


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