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My name is Robin Cornielje: RC Leotards.

I began gymnastics as soon as I could walk and trained +/-30 hours a week as an artistic gymnast up until the age of 18.

I always loved sparkly, colourful leotards with lots of rhinestones. I understand how special a beautiful leotard can make you feel and, as a former gymnast, I know better than anyone how important it is for a leotard to fit comfortably.

I made my first, simple leotard as a teenager with my mother.

After 12 years in artistic gymnastics I made the switch to acrobatic gymnastics where there is no such thing as a leotard that is too colourful or one that has too many crystals. I made the acrogym leotards for my own team and this is where my passion really started.

In November, 2016, while I was working as an operating assistant at a hospital, a former gymnastic friend introduced me to Tabitta Boxtel, a club who was looking for new competition leotards. Jokingly I asked if I could create a
 design. Surprisingly they said, “Go ahead. We’ve been looking for a year and can’t find anything we all like.” The response was overwhelmingly positive. Not long after, I decided to follow my heart and pursue my dream. I quit my job and RC Leotards was born.

At RC Leotards we are constantly  looking for new fabrics and colours to create new, innovative designs. Our leotards are produced in small quantites as we think it is important to feel unique in your new leotard. We therefore do not stock thousands of identical leotards. This approach allows us to introduce new, beautiful, designs frequently. An outfit from stock which is no longer available in the correct size can, of course, always be made to order for a customer. We also provide a customization service;  If you see a leotard in the collection that you would like to order in a different colour, you may send us an email at info@rcleotards.com and we will do our best to sort it out.

RC Leotards uses the highest quality 4-way stretch lycra to achieve a perfect fit.

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